Friday, December 14, 2012

Finally, an Update.

So, here it, December 14th. It''s been a long month and a half since I last wrote you. Every time I thought I had something to update on, it would change.

My transfer has been changed so many times I have whip lash from it all. first it was End of November. then Early December... Mid December...Late December.... you get the idea.

I never got my "cycle" back like they said I would. In fact, I haven't had once since the loss. So odd.

Because of that, I went from having only 10 days of bcps to take to a whole cycles worth (24) and now it's down a bit 20.

Either way, I have...


In fact, I just spent the last few minutes scheduling all my blood work an Ultrasounds.

Finally. We're heading forward. I feel like I've been standing still for the past month, and sometimes as if I'm slowly walking backwards.

Anyways... here it is.

11/28-12/16= BCP
12/20= First Appointment. (U/S for lining, folicle size etc, and blood work for estrogen levels)
         = Estrace Tablet and Vitamins Start
12/21= Estradiol Injection Start
12/27= Second Appointment
1/3/2013= Third Appointment
1/6/2012= Progesterone Start
1/11/2012= Transfer!!!

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