Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Counting Down

I really can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that I'll be starting Medicine for everything in just a few days. 3 days, actually. I was telling my husband tomorrow is my last "normal" day. On the 30th, I'll be going in to the hospital to have an Ultrasound and Blood Work done, Then, on the 31st I'll give myself my first shot, and start taking all my vitamins and the Estrace pills.  And then, hopefully, my life is not-normal for the next 10 months. I have about 3 weeks of meds prior to transfer, and then I stay on them until almost my second trimester.

One  a side note---they told me to travel with all of my medication. How do I go about that? I always take a carry on. Does TSA let you carry needles on the plane? LOL

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, I got my box of medicine on Tuesday. It was actually kind of interesting; and maybe a little overwhelming. I also got my final calender on Monday, so now I know when to start doing what.

My last bcp (birth control pill) is on Saturday. Then I'll have a period and my first Ultrasound and Blood work is on Aug. 30th. The clinic will use the results to base my dosage's of medication. They may choose to up certain things or keep them where they are.

So, starting the 31st:

  • I'll be giving myself  .1cc of Estrogen every 3 days. Depending on lab results, this may go up to .2cc
  • Estogen Tablet- 2x daily then moving to 3x daily
  • Prenatal Vitamin 3x daily
  • Folate : 1x daily
  • DHA: 1x daily

Then, closer to transfer, (which is set for the 21st of September), I add:

  •  1cc of Progesterone daily
  • vaginal progesterone inserts 3x daily
  • medrol pack 
I feel like a pharmacy.... or maybe a druggie. Hahah

I have a total of 3 appointments prior to transfer, they will all be blood work and ultrasounds. Once a week until the week before transfer.

Well, that's all for my update really right now....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well, I got a few emails the past few days

One of them being the official "you are legally cleared" memo from the Law firm.

The other was from our case coordinator at the fertility clinic saying they would be scheduling appts and ordering my meds sent off this week. How exciting is that?

I've asked the coordinator if my monitoring appointments could be in my town rather than at a clinic which is a 6 hour drive. Once wouldn't be bad, but I'd hate to do it once a week the three appts before and the two after. She said it should be possible, she just has to contact my ob/hospital and work it all out.

As of now, nine more days of birth control pills, and then I'll stop those for a week before beginning estrogen.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tentative Dates

That's right, you read that correctly. I got my email last night with Tentative Dates for meds/transfer. How exciting is that?

Birth Control pill— Do not stop - Plan to continue on active birth control pills only at this time, (no sugar pills/no period).  If you need refills please refill as needed.  
8/26/12Take last ACTIVE birth control pill and expect a period
08/31/12 Appt. -US/E2-If OK, start Estrogen 
09/07/12 Appt.- US/E2-Lining check
09/14/12 Appt.- US/E2-Lining check 
09/18/12-Possible Progesterone Start
09/21/12-Possible Embryo Transfer

Exactly 1 month and 1 week until I could (possibly) have a little baby (or two?) in my belly again...

Speaking of which, I still have no idea how many they are'd think I'd find that out soon, right? hahah

Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm hesitant to say....

that I'm done with my side of legal. Late last night I received my second "final" contract from Legal. I signed, dated and faxed. I won't be able to know if the fax went through until Monday however as the legal contact is out of office today and for the remainder of the weekend.

Supposedly, as soon as the parents and I have both sent in our signed copies (I'm sure they'll be on the ball as well) Legal will message our fertility center and they will ship out the meds.

On a side note, I feel a little silly for not realizing something before. I was thinking that aside from the transfer, I was pretty much done with traveling, only to find out that before and after the transfer we have several monitoring appointments that have to be done at a fertility clinic. That will be a six hour round trip drive each time. Blah!!!

Hubby is the big driver of our family, but I doubt he'll be able to get that many days off, so it looks like I'll be on my own.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We've Hit Our First Snag

Yesterday evening, as I was stressing about not being able to send out my signed application, I received a call from Legal. The parents, upon further looking at the Utah provisions of the contract, have decided that they will not sign it until they can talk with out Agency.

That worries me a bit. Utah has very strict guidelines, and if they don't want to/can't meet those, I feel like I'm going to end up going through all of this stuff again.

I really hope I'm worrying about nothing, but I won't feel comfortable again until I get the go ahead on signing and mailing in the new contract they will send, with an updated date.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update Time!!!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I updated, I know. I was on Vacation, and then there was just not too much to say. Last Monday we received our first draft of the surrogacy contract. We found only one question, and we addressed that  in a conference call that Thursday. On Friday I received the Final contract for signatures, and I emailed that out yesterday.

Today I got an email from Legal saying that they couldn't open my scanned copies and asked if I could instead fax them or send them as a .pdf file. I chose to fax, and that didn't work either. They got 5 copies of the first page and then one more fax with just 6 of the pages. Interesting.

So now we're delayed another day, as I have to go home and download a file converter and try to change my JPEG files into PDF files.

Meanwhile, the parents can't sign it until I get it back to them. Ridiculous!!!

On a happier note, as soon as the contract is signed and in their hands they will send the okay to the fertility clinic to send out my meds. NIFTY.

Our Doctor has told the parents that we're looking at an early September transfer. That's so soon! I can't believe it!