Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, I got my box of medicine on Tuesday. It was actually kind of interesting; and maybe a little overwhelming. I also got my final calender on Monday, so now I know when to start doing what.

My last bcp (birth control pill) is on Saturday. Then I'll have a period and my first Ultrasound and Blood work is on Aug. 30th. The clinic will use the results to base my dosage's of medication. They may choose to up certain things or keep them where they are.

So, starting the 31st:

  • I'll be giving myself  .1cc of Estrogen every 3 days. Depending on lab results, this may go up to .2cc
  • Estogen Tablet- 2x daily then moving to 3x daily
  • Prenatal Vitamin 3x daily
  • Folate : 1x daily
  • DHA: 1x daily

Then, closer to transfer, (which is set for the 21st of September), I add:

  •  1cc of Progesterone daily
  • vaginal progesterone inserts 3x daily
  • medrol pack 
I feel like a pharmacy.... or maybe a druggie. Hahah

I have a total of 3 appointments prior to transfer, they will all be blood work and ultrasounds. Once a week until the week before transfer.

Well, that's all for my update really right now....

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