Monday, March 30, 2015

Surrogacy Update-- 32 (almost) weeks!

I suck at updating!

This is going to be a giant one so grab some lemonade and some lunch because you're going to be here for awhile.

I left you at 9 weeks I think so it's been a LITTLE while.

This pregnancy has gone by so fast for me and it has been such a BREEZE in comparison with the twins that I just don't even notice the time moving!

I'm going to go over the main points and I'll link back to my YouTube videos so you can have more details if you want.

9/10 Weeks Video!

11 Week Ultrasound

12/13 Weeks + Gender Reveal Video

13-22 Weeks Pregnant Video (See you weren't the only ones left hanging :/ )

23 Weeks Pregnant Video!

24-26 Weeks Pregnant

27-30 Weeks :)

31 Weeks

Okay, so now that you have all the links, I'll give you the abridged text version.

You're going to have to forgive me for being lazy but I don't have all the exact dates memorized, so some may be off.

I was around 10/11 weeks when I got in to see my OB for the first time. They did the initial ultrasound for their records and confirmed there was still just the one baby in there. I was kind of expecting a hidden twin. From there I started my every 4 week appointments.

Around the same time IM sent me a doppler! Which was awesome because those first few weeks make me paranoid. NO constant kicks to the bladder and cervix to assure me that the baby is still alive and well.

At 12 weeks and a few days, I had a blood test done that would tell us if the baby had any genetic abnormalities. To my knowledge, this wasn't really available with the twins, as I had to go through the long N/T scan with them. A bonus to this blood test was that it also told GENDER.

By this point I was pretty sure it was a boy. This pregnancy felt a lot like my own with Cody. I wasn't sick as often. I had food aversions but I wasn't constantly throwing up. I blamed the girl twin and rationalized that this must mean this one was a boy.  A few days later the blood test result confirmed my thought. This was a boy, and he was, as far as the test could tell 'genetically perfect'.

Morning sickness stopped right around 12 weeks and at the same time I started to feel what I thought were the first little tiny flutters of this little guy.

Between then and my 20 weeks appointment things were pretty boring, which is AWESOME in a  pregnancy. No scares, no tests, not really any big appointments, just growing.  I started describing his kicks, and they were so different then what I experienced. They were definite kicks, and he kicked and moved all the time. Still does. Yet somehow they felt different and I could only explain them as "deeper". They didn't feel as shallow as the twins' kicks or even my sons. I started wondering if maybe I had an anterior placenta.

At 20 weeks the parents came down for the 'big' ultrasound. Everything looked awesome! And baby boy was still a boy (although he didn't really want to show us). He was measuring (as always and at EVERY ultrasound we've had-- 4 days bigger.) I also had an anterior placenta. However, it was high and not-low lying so there wasn't any additional risk. I had an awesome time with the parents even though we were only together for a couple hours. They have a toddler at home they needed to get back to, and I had Cody along. Cody loves them, especially the IF. He sat in IF's lap most of the appointment.

From the very beginning of the pregnancy, I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). So I made sure to find a doctor that was okay with that. At 20 weeks I finally started digging more into what would be allowed and what would not be allowed. I still come up with questions about it at each of these appointments.
  • He needs the baby to be head down-- he won't do a version (where he manually pushes on my tummy to turn baby) on a VBAC mom. 
  • He wants me to deliver before or by my due-date (no going over). I wasn't in love with this because judging from my prior pregnancies my body doesn't like to deliver early. The twins were 37 weeks and I was showing no real signs of labor (I had dilated to a 3 but wasn't having contractions) and if you've followed me for longer than that you know that Cody was induced at 39 weeks and I wasn't even dilated to a 1 at that point. I think I bake babies longer than average... or I would if given the chance. 
  • He will/would induce me to avoid a c-section but only if I've dilated to a three by that point. 
  • Similarly at 38 weeks he'd do a membrane sweep if I've dilated to a three to see if that throws my body into labor without actually 'inducing'. 
I don't want to induce if I can help it. My induction with my son was horrible.

They checked my uterus height for the first time at 24 weeks and I was measuring 26 weeks. At 27/28 weeks I had another ultrasound just to check how everything was looking and  baby was breech. I knew it was still early, but I couldn't help but feel a little bummed. I needed him to be head down. That was a vbac requirement.

My next appointment was at 31 weeks, just last week. Doctor measured my uterus again and it was 2 weeks ahead. He also felt around my stomach and confirmed that baby was still breech. What a stink.

My next appointment is at 34 weeks, followed by one at 36 (another ultrasound), 38, 39 and 40. I have a MAX of 5 appointments left, and really probably only 4 as my '5th' one would probably be when I went in for induction or c-section.

In the meantime, I'm walking and trying to sit upright and trying to do things that encourage the baby to turn head down.

I've gained about 18-ish lbs this time. A bit more than my last two pregnancies at this time if I remember correctly, so I'm guessing I'll be gaining about 5lbs more than the last two times, but hoping I keep my "25lb streak" alive.

In other news--
In January I started college. I'm majoring in English.
I've started a little home busineses doing homemade crochet items.
I've just bought tickets for Glen and My first trip/vacation. (3 weeks after my due date (I'm clearly crazy). It's nothing big, just going for a week with some friends to California, but I'm excited :)