Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 Weeks!!

I started this blog on Monday, but never got around to posting it, on Sunday, September 30th, I was officially 4 weeks pregnant. Here's the scoop

The Bump

The Baby

The Info

Weight Pre Transfer: 182
Weight Now: 181
Weight Difference: -1

Symptoms: None to specific. If I had to say anything, my sense of smell is starting to heighten as well as I'm starting to be all.... phlem-y in the mornings, like I was with Cody. Not sure why that is a symptom for me, but it seems like it is. I am bloating, but I was even before the transfer thanks to Progesterone :S

What's happening inside: At 4 weeks, the ball of cells it once was is now splitting into the embryo and the placenta. I'm not sure exactly what stage I'm in... since they were already embryos when they were transferred....hmm....Anyways-- the baby's neural tube is already formed, The amniotic sac as well as the fluid in it are forming, and will provide protective cushion until birth.

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