Tuesday, March 19, 2013

12 Weeks

This blog has been neglected a bit, and I apologize. I was on bed rest for the last two weeks due to a sub-chronic hemorrhage. I spotted a bit, but nothing really major. The bed rest was more a precaution from the fertility clinic as I hadn't been released to my doctor yet. 

I have been now, and I am off bed rest, finally. Tomorrow we have a N/T Scan. This u/s they will measure the fluid behing baby's neck. Abnormal results COULD mean a chromosome abnormality. We will combine these results with a blood tests that also checks for abnormalities and determine if a more invasive procedure is needed. (Amnio, cvs, etc.)

We had our last U/S on Monday the 11th and both babies were growing well and were dancing away. This last Thursday we had our first OB appointment. 


Still sick. I'm on zofran every 8 hours and that is SORT OF helping. But not much. I still gag at basically anything. It's crazy. I'm over it.


  1. Totally feel you on the constant sick thing, and know that nothing anyone says can fix it. Hang in there! Can't wait to hear the good results :)