Friday, February 8, 2013

U/S Day

**so I'm not always saying IM/IP/IF, etc, I gave my Intended Parents fake names; Lily and David.**

So, as you know, today was the U/S. Our First, and hopefully, not our last.

My hospital always gets me in fast. Usually I'm out before my time to go in is there. I think they wanted to torture us this time. So I waited in the waiting room for a half hour. Lily text and let me know they were at the phone and ready when I was.

I finally got called back.

The U/S tech (who I'd never even seen before was WONDERFUL (more later on). I explained everything, and she was said she could take a quick peek to see if I would need a vaginal one, or an abdominal one... I didn't really want to have to get naked during the phone call. 

She told me she could see "stuff" but she would do a vaginal one for better pictures.

That was a relief. At least there was "stuff" in there.

So, I got undressed, laid back down, and called Lily. No answer. 

Called again. No answer.

I started getting really paranoid.

I called her phone normally, and I could hear her, but she couldn't hear me.


I had full service, but I'm imagining something with all the led that's in Radiology was screwing with my phone.

She tried to call me back. Nothing. 

I got a text saying to make sure I at least got some photos to email, and to call her when it was done.  

I told the U/S tech who was currently "doing the boring stuff" (ovaries/etc) That I guess we could just continue on. I asked for special permission to record the heartbeat (if there was one) she said yes.

I wasn't really looking up at the screen, but decided I might as well. I was completely bummed.

Then my phone rang----- it was Lily, and she could see me, and I could see her!!! David popped his head in. They were grinning ear to ear.

I flipped the camera towards the screen just in time for the U/S tech to scroll?? over my uterus.

There were two dark circles.

Lily squealed almost immediately, "IS THAT TWIIIINNNS?"

The u/s tech told them it was. And then, she continues to talk to them like they were right there, explained where THEIR babies were, the yolk sack, the baby, FEET (yes, we saw little nubby feet).

Lily and David were smiling. They thought that was it. "Oh! Thank you so much!"

Then she measured them.

Baby A was Measuring 6w1day (4 days behind) but she said when they are that little it's really hard to get an accurate measurement. 

I thought Lily's faces was gonna break. They kept looking at each other, just so awestruck.

And again, they thought it was over.

Then the U/S tech zoomed in, and pointed at the screen. "See that? That's their heart beating." You could see the little flicker, I never saw that with Cody, no one ever showed me, it was fascinating. They moved and, andI could see that Lily was getting a little teary.

Then came the heartbeats.

Baby A= 136
Baby B= 140

Lily cried.

David looked close.

They were perfect little babies. 

Sorry for the crap quality, but I took a pic of the photo with my phone so you could see.

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  1. How excited I am for you and the babies parents.

    What an amazing gift your giving them.

    My husband and I have tried for over 7 years to become parents. We tried adoption in 2008 and through no fault of our own the adoption failed.

    In 2009 I became pregnant but our son was born sleeping in the second trimester due to placental abruption. We were devistated. Medical bills for my hospital stay were six times more than it would have been had I had him full term and alive.

    In 2011 I became pregnant again but again lost our little girl in the second trimester.

    One day we'd love to try surrogacy. We've had two friends offer to do this for us but are currently trying for their last babies.