Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Killing Time

Alright, Well we're now.....19 days past the Match Meeting. I know I have updated since directly after, but honestly, not a lot has happened.

On Friday July 14th, we had a conference call with the agency, myself and the parents. Although it was great hearing their voice, we didn't really discuss a lot, and the call was only about 20 minutes.

Basically we talked about the next steps: Account Funding, Legal Retainers, and then after all of that mess.... finally we get to the transfer.

I got a note from my intended mother that the account has been paid on their end, so now we wait for the lawyers to send us out retainers and then eventually the contracts.

Also, the parent's have arranged for their frozen embryos to be sent to the fertility clinic I went to for my medical clearance, they are looking at an early August ship date.


I've been told by a few fellow surrogates that this is the longest part.

After the retainers are signed and sent back in, then the contract is sent to the parents to review/make changes, after they've looked at it, it's sent to me to do the same thing. Finally back to them to agree/not agree. Back and forth until we all agree and sign the contract. I understand why all the legal is necessary, but wow! That seems like it could be a lengthy process.

On the plus side... I think everyone is hoping for a September transfer still, so maybe we can all cooperate, and get legal over with ASAP.

Done rambling now.

We're heading out on a trip to my home town, so I'll update if there is anything to update on, when I return.


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