Wednesday, May 1, 2013

18 Weeks

So... as of Sunday... I had two sweet potato size babies growing in me. The week before they were onions.... I think I prefer the image of sweet potatoes.

As of today--- I have 8 days until the parents arrive and we go to the anatomy/anomaly/gender scan.

What do you think? Team Pink? Blue? One of each---- which I guess is team purple? hahahahaha Don't mind me... I'm tired.

Ever since the 12 week scan, I've thought these babies are boy/girl. I have a really scientific logic behind it..... their skulls were different shapes.

I'll only be with the parents for a few hours, but I'm pretty excited about seeing them again--- I realize it's been a year this month that we had our match meeting.... so much has happened in that time.

I set a goal for myself-- that I don't feel is unreachable--- and for me--- if this pregnancy follows my son's in ANY way--- not passable.

I want to make it to 36 weeks. With that in mind--- I'm halfway!!!! I wonder what the "record" is for holding twins in.....and delivering naturally (no c-section)?

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