Tuesday, May 21, 2013

21 Weeks

We found out that they are expecting a Baby Boy AND a Baby Girl.

They are so excited.

I'm excited for them.

Everything went amazing, and I found out so much that makes me optimistic about the delivery of these little babies.

My doctor says that as long as A is head down (vertex) and is larger than B, we can have a vaginal delivery. AS of the scan, Baby B was 1 ounce smaller than A. An ounce is not a lot when you see it on someone full grown but it's quite a bit on a baby that's the size of banana.

I really want to have a vaginal delivery. I am scared of a c-section, but I would have one in a second if it was the safest for the babies.

My OB also doesn't foresee early labor for me, but he has given me an end date. He will induce me if I make it to 38 weeks. I wonder if I will? I think it would be kind of awesome to make it that far.

So, on Sunday I turned 21 weeks, Which means I now have less than 17 weeks left of this pregnancy. I hope it goes by fast. But not TOO fast, no babies in less than 15 weeks. 36 weeks is my goal. I may have mentioned that. I feel that it's fairly realistic, and by that point I'm sure I'll be too awkward to want to move or anything...

The parents are coming up right around then as well, and I really want/need them to be there for it.

Despite liking the idea of having a definite "end date" part of me wants to just wait it out, and actually have my water break unexpectedly, get in the car and drive to the hospital. With my son, I didn't get to experience that. I woke up, knew I was having a baby that day, and headed in to get induced....

No surprises there.

So, babies are the weight of a pomegranite this week, but about as long as 10" long carrot.

They start this week measuring head to toe rather than crown to rump, so in the space of a week they both "grew" 4 inches. Wow.

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