Sunday, October 5, 2014

Surrogate Pregnancy; Week 6

Okay, so first, don't scold me. I know I'm late. My weeks turn over on Thursday and on Thursday I was busy prepping for a trip we were making Friday. I planned to blog Friday and didn't even get into our hotel until almost 10pm, by which point if I'd tried to write this, you guys would never be able to decipher it. Saturday the whole day, minus 3 hours at the end was spent loading and un-loading stuff and making a 5+ hour drive. So, here I am today.

Today we are 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Baby has grown from an apple seed to a pea in 1 week! S/he is roughly a 1/4 inch long.

I've been pregnant before... obviously, and 9 months is always a killer wait, whether or not you are the one bringing home the baby. I realized the other day, that in reality, 9 months is so SHORT a time when you consider all the things happening in that time. Around the time of your first positive pregnancy test, baby is smaller than a sesame seed. In those 9 months, the baby turns from a sesame seed into a squirming 7 lb baby. (Or in my case, 5lbs, 5lbs, and 8lbs). That is an INSANE amount of growth and so many super things happening all to form one super baby. (or two... or three?!).

I have never gained weight this early in my pregnancy. EVER. I usually don't gain weight until I'm around 22-25 weeks. I should probably purchase a scale some time soon to keep track of that... but I move on. Whether it's because this is my third pregnancy, or there are 12 babies in there...  I cannot button my jeans comfortably anymore. I've always shown early, even with my son, but as it's not really possible to be showing yet... I have to reluctantly remove the blame from the baby to fat. Haha.

In reality, I've probably only gained maybe 10 lbs since starting on the meds in August. I only gained a few lbs before, so this time I blame the Lupron. So, I've unpacked my maternity pants and plan on rocking them for the next 8 months. I need to find one of those bands that you can put around your pants so you can keep them unbuttoned and still wear your regular jeans. The jeans fit everywhere else, just not my belly currently. :/

Moving on from my lack of being able to button my pants---

So far.. smooth sailing. I know around 10 girls that transferred within a week or  two of me and a lot of them have had bleeding scares already. So I'll count us lucky on that. I went through that around 10 weeks with the twins, and it's not fun! I'm telling myself the odds are in my favor. I can't believe it would happen twice in a row.

I have days where I very definitely feel pregnant, and days where I almost forget.  I have yet to actually be sick, so I'll be thankful for that. Every other day or so though, I swear this baby taunts me. I'll be sitting in bed and feel sooo queasy that I don't want to move, then I finally do and accept that m/s has struck.... and it goes away.  Little things though are constant. As weirdly hilarious as it sounds, every pregnancy of mine has had one major "symptom" in common. The sight of food that WAS warm and is now cold... makes me gag. Weird right? To give a better example.. if I've cooked something, served it, ate it and have waited a little to clean it up say maybe an hour (?) I CANNOT stand the sight of it. It makes me soo sick. Luckily, my husband is used to it so when I call him in to dump it in the trash he knows what to do before I even tell him.

In THREE days, L & E(or at least I THINK E) will be coming down for the ultrasound! Most importantly, we'll be looking for a heartbeat to confirm the pregnancy continued to grow past those betas we got.  Secondly, we'll be seeing if one or both embryos took.  L will then have an idea of whether she needs to buy a bus, or her current car will work fine ;)

I'm pretty excited about it all. I've been trying so very hard to relax and not do anything to stress out the pregnancy, while also trying to make sure the house is in shape for when my parents come down a few days later for my son's THIRD birthday. Hopefully, with the sight of one or two or twelve nice beating hearts, I'll be able to take a breath and enjoy a nice walk around the zoo for his birthday!

And that, everyone, is where I leave you for this week. I haven't yet decided if I'll do a separate blog for the ultrasound results, or just wait a day and combine it with the 7 week blog..... I guess we'll see.

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