Monday, May 21, 2012

The First Big Step

Okay, well maybe it's technically the second big step... or maybe even the third. Count with me. It seems that there are quite a few "big" steps already in this process, and I'm not even pregnant yet!

I guess the first step would be saying "I am going to be a surrogate." As mentioned prior, this comes with a LOT of thought and research. I've got past this one. So, CHECK.

Next comes a little collection of choices. Will I be a gestational or traditional surrogate? Will I work with an agency, a lawyer, or perhaps even independently. I will be a gestational surrogate, working with an agency. CHECK.

Third. Now that you've answered those questions, you get to apply at the agency, talk with the lawyer, or begin searching for IPs on your own. In the process that lead me here, I've done all of the above. As I am now officially with an agency, I'll say CHECK on this one too.

This leads me to FOUR, the step that I'm currently at. Medical and Psychological Evaluation. I can give myself a half check on this on. My husband and I have passed the psychological portion of this already over the telephone. Today I received the first look at my itinerary. I will have the final completely confirmed version tomorrow. How exciting, right? We'll be traveling down to our nearest airport (3 hours away, blech) on the afternoon of the 30th and returning late at night on the 31st.

It's 8 days away!

If you'd have asked me this time last month.... I wouldn't have guessed I'd be writing that.

It's not by far the biggest step in the process, but I'm nonetheless excited for it. I really don't see a reason we wouldn't pass the medical portion of the test. Unless my husband or I have become diseased in the past few months.... in which case... we have some heated conversations ahead of us. Hahaha.

They told me ABOUT two weeks after the screening I'll get to look over m first profile. That's less than a month away right head is spinning. I really and truly can't explain how excited I am.

More later.

Love and Hugs--

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