Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Itinerary

Just in case any of you are interested, this is what our schedule looks like for the time we're in LA for the medical screening/evaluation.

Our flight leaves from our closest INT'L airport at 4:55pm. In general, you should get there about 2 hours prior. So we'll be dropping off our baby around noon, and then driving there.

We get to LAX about 2 hours later, and a car will pick us up to take us to the hotel. The rest of the evening is ours, pretty much.

Our morning starts early, we have to be at the Agency at 8:00am. The appointment takes about 2 hours, we'll have a test on a computer, and then we're scheduled for a consultation. Except I think we've already done the consultation part of it on the phone last week.

Our medical appointment is at 11:00. It's about a half hour away from the Agency. I will have a uterine evaluation and we will both have blood work and a urine drug screen.

That's supposed to all take about two hours. So we're out of there about one, and taken back to our hotel. I think. I'm not really sure when  check out time is. Our plane leaves at 6 that night, and it won't be until midnight that we're back in our town to pick up our son.I'm not really sure what are personal plans are for the time we don't have anything scheduled, but I don't imagine we'll be doing anything really exciting.

This is the last step before I officially become one of their surrogates. I don't see why we wouldn't pass anything, but I still won't feel completely content until I get that email saying we did....

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