Monday, May 14, 2012

Surrogacy Update

I love the feeling you get when you feel like things are finally moving forward. It seems like I've been waiting FOREVER, and now finally something is is the motion.

I will be flying to LA on the 30th. On the 31st I'll have my screening and if all goes well.... I'll be getting profiles to look at it a couple weeks later.

I regret not signing with the agency beforehand. We would already be so much farther along in this journey. Live and learn. I think I said that my last post, but and learn.

The Psychiatrist will not be in town on the two days I'm in LA, so today my husband and I have a phone interview with her.

Now we'll just be in LA for the medical portion of it.

I received my benefit package for review. They had to fix an error on our wage compensation, but I have just sent it back signed.

I've also received by Benefit Guidebook and all my papers I will need to send in periodically throughout the whole process. Childcare coverage, food, etc before hand, and then I have papers to send in for when I get a maternity clothes allowance, for confirmation of the pregnancy. All of that.

I am supposed to receive my itinerary sometime this week. So I know exactly when my flight leaves and all of that...

This is exciting, in a few months, we'll be on our way for a transfer. (knock on wood...)

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