Wednesday, May 7, 2014

After- Surrogacy

  • I healed really well after the twins' birth.
  • Lost all my pregnancy weight (25lbs) +8lbs more, 1 week after.
  • I had dis-solvable staples that were inside my incision. They were supposed to dissolve in 6 weeks.  It took 3 months.
  • The nurses at the hospital were so sweet, always complementing me, and reminding me that I did an amazing thing.  I think they thought I was going to break down.  I didn't. I felt great.  It was like some type of high...
  • I never had tears... never. Not when I had them, not when I left, not even now.
 How are the twins--
  • They're great. As far as I know.  And that's okay. 
  • The parents and I "parted" on wonderful terms.  I got pictures a lot the first week, and it slowed down after then.  I only see pictures occasionally now.
  • They are fat and healthy.
  • They are loved.
  • Their parents are amazing and deserved this.
  • Out of respect for the parents, I do not/will not be posting photos of the twins, but know that they are beautiful. 

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