Saturday, May 10, 2014

matching--again, and again...

By December of 2013, I'd put in applications with a few agencies, and I'd begun looking for independent couples as well.  Three couples stood out, and in the end, I chose couple number two.

Couple number two were sweet, and kind. We got along great together and by January, we'd made plans for me to fly to them and do our medical and psych screening.

I did.

To make a long, long story, shorter, the match ended. 

I was heartbroken, as I had been the one to officially call it quits.  I felt like I'd broken a dream and that was a horrible feeling.  With time, I knew I made the right decision... I'd been blinded by the newness of it all, and after several people pointed things out to me, and with changes in my own life, it was not meant to be.

When things quieted, I turned to my lawyer.  The same one who had represented me for the twins' pregnancy.  He had a few couples that were looking for a surrogate, and I was need of a couple.
I filled out a questionaire, and pretty soon was looking at a profile of a new couple.

There was something different about this couple.  It felt like when I'd looked at my FIPs profile.  I knew this was the couple I wanted to work with.  As fate would have it, they wanted to work with me as well.

So in March we were matched, and in its end days I met with the clinic's doctor and was given the okay.

In April my husband and I completed our blood work and psych evaluation.  Everything was cleared, it was a go.

And now you're current with me, waiting for all the legal to begin, then the meds...then the transfer... and then hopefully... two pink lines.

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