Thursday, May 8, 2014

Choosing Surrogacy-- Again

Deciding to become a surrogate, again.  It both similar, and yet so different in comparison to your first time.

With the second time, you know the good.. you've experienced it. More than likely, you've probably experienced the "bad". 

I was lucky in that my FIPs
(former intended parents) were amazing. Regarding them, there were no "bad" things. 

I've known from almost the instant I was pregnant that I would do a surrogacy again.  the question was always "when". Now, it was "with who?"

The twins' parents were content with their new family. The agency I worked with no longer wanted to work with surros in my state....

What now?

I decided to wait and not decide.  I was only two months post partum, so it wasn't like I was planning on a pregnancy any time soon. 

In November of 2013, I received a call from my agency. Friends of my FIPs, were going to go with the agency, and had requested me. They would make an exception in this case.
I told them I'd think about it.

After talking with my husband, we decided to pursue it, and see where it would take us. We would still have to meet them and see if we "clicked". So, I told the agency "yes".

Long story short... the agency decided that it wasn't something they were going to do after all, and I was back where I started.

Did I want to try to do another surrogacy?  Did I want another child of my own? If I choose to be a surrogate again, would I want to find another agency or would I "risk" going independently?

So many things seemed up in the air.

I decided to casually explore all options of surrogacy.... to see where it led me.

It wasn't a definite decision like that first time.. it was different somehow...

A different thought process...

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