Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anxious Ramblings

Last night I dreamed about the Match Meeting. You know those dreams when you can tell your dreaming. It was that ridiculous.

IF (intended father) was quizzing me on definitions of words. I remember "Relic" was one of them....I have no idea where that came from. Really.

I came out of the dream feeling pretty good about it all, I'm hoping that's a good sign.

On the less crazy side of things, I got itinerary yesterday. It looks like I'm in for a crazy trip.  Holy crap, jet lag here I come.

I leave from the SLC airport at 7. We'll get to the Phoenix, Az Airport at 7:51 their time, but technically almost two hours later from when we leave. We have a 1 hour lay over there and then a 3 hour flight to PA. Which is actually kinda funny, because it'll be 6 hours later....when the three hour flight lands.

Go to the hotel, grab dinner. Do...something? Then it's off to bed because we have a car picking us up at 10 the next morning to take us an hour away to the meeting place. We've then got a one hour long meeting with the IPs (intended parents). Then we're supposed to go to lunch/dinner with them.

Afterwards, we're all heading back to the airport together because our flights leave the same time.

The flight back is pretty much the same except then my 3 hour trip back to Phoenix is only "1 hour" haha.


On a more personal note. I feel like it's gonna be forever until I see my baby. I'll have to drop him off at his sitter's Wednesday night, to avoid a 2 am drop off. And then as we'll be getting back early Saturday morning, I'll have to wait until 8 or 9 to pick him up.