Sunday, June 24, 2012

Match Meeting

So the agency I'm working with, as I think I've mentioned before, lets you meet your IPs after you've both "accepted" each other. This basically gives you one final shot to decide if this is the couple, or in their case, surrogate, that you want to work with.

On June 19th, I got the email saying that they were sending my profile to the parents I had selected. On the 22nd I got a phone call saying that the IPs really liked my profile and they wanted to meet us. That was actually a shock, for some reason I just had let myself believe that the wouldn't like us back. It was definitely one of the times I've been glad to be wrong.

The next part was even more shocking. They wanted to meet me in 7 days. On my end, it was fine, luckily my job is really understanding about the whole surrogacy thing. I asked for the woman on the other end to email me with her contact info and I would email her back as soon as I know if it would work with Glen's schedule, and also if we could get someone to watch our son on that short of notice. It all worked out great, so a few hours later I was emailing them saying that we could make it on the 29th.

She said I'll have my itinerary on Monday. I'm excited, but I don't think it's truly set in yet. I'm sure withing the next few days I'll probably go into full blown panic mode.

I hope they like me after they meet me.

I've got to end for now, I've work tomorrow and a lot to think about..

xx- Michelle

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