Friday, June 8, 2012

You Have Medical Clearance

I didn't realize that those 4 words would turn around my morning like they did today. 

When I left LA after the screening, they told me that the medical results would be back within 7-10 days. But talking with other surrogates, I wasn't going to start worrying until around 3 weeks, as most of theirs took 14 days.

I woke up yesterday morning, pretty excited because it was day "7". I knew the odds of getting it that soon were slim, but that didn't stop me from checking the inbox every few hours at work, and the same when I got home. 

The agency has two of my emails, and I get different things from them sporadically through each of them. So while I was at work yesterday, I checked both. By the time I got home, I checked only the main one. This morning, my husband told me to check. I laughed and told him there is no way there is anything there as it was only 6am in LA. Checked the main email, nothing.  So I really wasn't expecting anything from the 2nd. Low and Behold, new message from the agency, time marked 2:55pm yesterday........

I'm officially a surrogate with them now Which means in as little as hours or a few days... I could be getting the profile of the couple I'm going to work with. The idea of that seems so crazy! So exciting!

Now I have a whole new reason to constantly check my email............

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