Monday, June 30, 2014

Fitness Update

I was going to update daily, or at least every other day on how the fitness challenge was going. I've altered my original plan quite a bit, but I am still doing the things I feel most important.

I started a myfitnesspal account and for the first two weeks I religiously tracked every exercise and calorie I ate. Of those two weeks, I had two days where  went over my calories, and it was by less than a hundred. My calorie goal was about 1200 calories a day. 

Sitting here at my desk one night, I started thinking how calories were not created equal. Some of those days I still ate some less than healthy food (Sonic has amazing shakes :S) and some days I ate healthy food and was full, but was 2-3 hundred calories under and I didn't really want my body to think it was starving and now store the fat. So I stopped obsessing over the numbers. I ate what I wanted (still cutting back a ton on "bad" foods) and just started using more portion control. Yes that plate of food was good and I loved eating it, but I was no longer hungry and didn't NEED a second plate. You know what I mean?

I'm still soda-less. Which is a big thing for me. I'm not eating a ton of chips and junk food, I've only eaten fast food when we've been traveling an on two occasions when for some reason or another dinner was either ruined or not ready. I try not to eat to close to bed time. I know those calories will just sit their because I am not active at night. Weather permitting,  my husband, son and I walk to the grocery store to shop rather than drive the truck. It helps on gas, and also it's a guaranteed mile and half of exercise.

I am on day 26 today, only 4 more days of my originally planned 30 days. I have decided to try another 30 days, and see how I feel about things then. For now, I'm actually enjoying eating healthier. I'm finding new recipes to make for my family, doing a lot of crock pot meals that can be used as left overs and I'm not tempted to say "I don't want to cook, let's get pizza". Now I just throw it from a freezer bag into a pot and re-heat.

Let's talk stats.

Starting Weight: 180lbs
Starting Waist: 34"
Starting Hips: 42.5"
Current Weight: 175lbs
Current Wasit: 33"
Current Hips: 40.5"
That makes for a total loss of 5 lbs and 4 inches. 
I wish it were more, I won't lie, but at the same time, I'm super proud that I lost that. I was 174 when I became pregnant with my son, and 177 when  I got pregnant with the twins. One more pound and I'll be where I was 3.5 years and 3 babies ago.

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