Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait

On June 4th, my lawyer and I finally went over the contract via phone. It took almost two hours, as the contract is over 40 pages long. Intense huh? He answered the very few questions I had, and then we made two changes. One to my address, and one grammar issue.  He sent it back to the IPs lawyer to have him make the changes on the actual document.

On June 10th, I received the final agreement via email. I was originally planning on signing a separate, but identical, contract. I did that with my last IPs. The lawyers however decided it would be faster for the court if we signed the same copy. With separate copies, they have to read both copies word for word and punctuation mark by punctuation mark to make sure they are identical. So the parents will be printing out and signing the contract in front of a notary, and then they will mail it to me and I'll sign the same one in front of a notary here.  Finally, I'll send it back to their lawyer and then it can go to court to be validated and have the Pre-Birth Order granted.

So now I wait. I don't like waiting. It's a flaw of mine. I'm impatient and I like things to go at the speed I want them. Luckily, the parents (or at least the IM) seem really on top of things, so I'm sure I'll be getting it in my mailbox, in the next few business days.

The court process should take roughly around two weeks. That seems to be about the average. So I'm still hopeful for a late July transfer. And a med start in the first week or so.  I'm just so excited to get things going for this couple....

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