Saturday, June 14, 2014

Switching Tunes

I have so many things going on in my life, right now. It's insane to keep up on. I've decided I'm going to slowly roll this over to a cover-all blog rather than just my surrogacy journey. I may lose some followers... I may gain some, either way. I feel this is the direction I want to move in.

I want to incorporate more information, more articles to ponder, projects to do, places to go... I'm pretty excited about it all, really.

I'm going to ease into it all, but I want to give you some basics on me and what to expect, first.

I was married in 2010, and we conceived and delivered our son in 2011. Cody is absolutely amazing, with the ability to be absolutely frustrating at the same time.  You'll be hearing about him. I'm wanting to try new parenting methods, new techniques... and I want to tell you if we love them, or if hate them.

For longer than I've had a blog, I've had a YouTube Channel, if you're interested, you can view that here. I love making videos.  I shared my engagement, my wedding, my journey of trying to conceive, my pregnancy, and then my entire surrogacy journey. I'm still going. Getting stronger and better at it over time. I'll probably shamelessly promote videos of mine on here, or at least link them to related blogs so you can get a fuller picture.

I'm starting to try and live a healthier life style. I say try, because it's a battle for me. It's battle against easy. It's easy to not cook and order pizza, it's also easy to sit here and watch episode of my favorite shows and not get out. Cody inspires me to want to get out and live healthier. I look at some of the things I and others eat, and quite frankly... I don't want him eating it too.

I love to write. I'm working on a novel right now. I am a perfectionist and I always stop right before the end, afraid to finish it, because then I'd HAVE to send it in. Right? I really do enjoy it though, I see so much in my head for these characters (and for these books) that sometimes it's overwhelming.

I'm going to school. I took a brief pause while I line everything up for this next surrogacy, and as I start to complete my generals, I realize I may have a change of major in mind. I may not. So many things seem appealing, how do you choose the RIGHT one.

I've joined a couple companies that send me products to review. I'm excited to start sharing new products. I may love some, I may hate some, but I promise to give my honest opinion. One of them is Tomoson, the other is Influenster.

I'm hoping the blog doesn't become too hard to follow as I move more things into it. I just felt it needed more. I needed more.Writing this all down makes the long time contemplation seem a little more real, and now I need to go and change a lot of things. Starting with the format... and the layout... and the headline.... the url.... the name....

Okay....feeling a little ahead of myself now...

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