Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's not quite surrogacy related.... but...

I need to lose weight.

Not in the oh my gosh I don't wear a size 5 anymore way... either. In the--I need to be able to zip up my pants without lying down and sucking in kind of way.

I'm fine with never being the weight I was in high school. Frankly... I was thinner than I would want to see myself.

 (circa 2008)
I want to be healthier.
I want to be able to go down do a size 8.

That's not an unreasonable goal.
It's bigger than I was in the picture.
This was before saggy skin and stretchmarks though.
My body will never be like THAT, but it can be BETTER.

I've gotten lazy. I delivered the twins and I said-- heh--- I'll be pregnant soon anyways... Which, is true.

I can't do an intense diet and exercise regime while I'm pregnant, but I CAN start working towards a healthier me NOW.

I am not a good dieter. If you say I can't have it, I want it more.  So I'm LIMITING things, rather than cutting them. I'm LIMITING my time on the sofa, I'm LIMITING my sodas and my sweets, and I'm LIMITING those fast food runs.

I'm going to start exercsing, slowly at first. I have asthma so I have to take it in moderation. But everyday I WILL be active. I may walk around the block, or run around it.... but  I will go out.
(<circa 2 months ago)

I've made plans before and they fall through so soon after. I'm making this blog now, and a vlog later, to make sure I'm accountable to someone other than me.

Tomorrow I'll post my first set of "stats" I'm going to go for broke, I'll post my waist.. all my measurements... everything.
And what I did that day.

My goal is 30 days of fitness and healthy eating. 30 days seems doable.... one day at a time.

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