Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meds in the Mail

For a surrogate, getting a box of meds in the mail, is almost like Christmas. It really is. It stands for so much. It shows progress.  It let's you know that transfer is right around the corner. It's such a great feeling when you see that box arrive.

Today, my box arrived.

I've had two med boxes before. For my two prior transfers. It was from a different clinic though, and  so this time, I didn't know what all to expect. My last clinic sent me vitamins, bandaids, guaze pads...all the meds... more syringes than I'd even need... lots. So what would this one have in it?

First, Let's Talk Progesterone. I received four vials like the one you see to the right. Along with it. A bag of needles and syringes. With the 3mL syringe, came a 22 gauge needle. This one is the injecting needle, and it is pictured on the left hand side. The other needle (18gauge) is for drawing out the progesterone from the vile. It's oil, so it's a little thick and not easily able to draw up in a smaller gauge. I've accidentally injected with an 18 before. It hurts. These injections go in the muscle. Most surros, myself included, do these in what is basically out love handles on our back/upper butt region. Although I've had nurses tell me you can also do it in the muscle of you thigh using a slightly shorter needle. These are 1.5 inches.

Now We'll chat about Lupron. This one is the "new-to-me" medicine. I've never had it before in any of my transfers. I'm on it for about three weeks, and I will be taking a shot every day of that time in the flab on my stomach. I've never done a SQ (subcutaneous) shot before, but it doesn't worry me. That little needle can't do too much damage. Look, at it compared to the ones above.  No worries.

 The last two main things in the box were my two different pills. One comprises of only two individual pills, one that I will take the morning of transfer, and one that I will take the day before. The other pills are small, blue and very familiar. These are estrogen. Or Estrodiol, technically. I'm on these for a before the transfer as well as after.  Over all, the box was significantly less intimidating than the boxes before. With them, I had to use an old lady pill box to keep track. There were so many meds I had to do. Vaginal Progesterone, Injection Progesterone, Tablet Estrodiol and injection form as well. I also took 3 prenatals a day a dha and a folic acid. For the week around the transfer I had a dose pack consiting of 20 or so pills that I also had to take. There was a TON of stuff.  This one seems a lot more laid back.

 I still can't believe I'm starting meds in only a few days. I'm not sure if that will make this next month to transfer go faster... or slower. One day, one needle at a time, all on the journey to giving another family another baby.. or two.

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