Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Surrogacy-- Today was a Good Day

Today was a good day. I haven't blogged about the surrogacy in a little while. There really wasn't anything to say. I'd think about it, I even started a few drafts, but I never finished or posted them because I was afraid I might bore you to sleep.  To spare you the story, we reviewed contracts in early June, signed them late June, but they didn't get submitted to the court until late July. So here we are, early August and I finally have something to post about.

This morning I woke up and checked my email, something I've been doing faithfully for a few weeks. Waiting for the word "go". Nothing was there. Well, nothing I wanted at least. So I went about my morning.. ate, played with Cody checked Facebook... Finally, in the afternoon, I was chatting on the phone with my mom, and casually checked the  email again.

It was there. holy freakin' crap. I zoned out to whatever my mom was saying for a second and hurried to click the email and open it. 

The court waived the hearing. Gestational Surrogacy Validated. You may proceed.

Or, at least that's basically what it said.


Then I sat their for a moment and realized I didn't know what to do. I knew that meds were what came next, but I didn't know if I contacted the clinic. or the IPs did. So I reached out to some other surros I know that are using the same clinic and lawyers and asked what they did. They all told me to call the clinic and let them know that the IPs lawyer would be sending the validation today. I emailed the coordinator instead, and in ten minutes, they had called me. 

She asked me what I was doing for birth control and if I had any "black out" dates that I could not transfer on. I didn't. She said she'd chat to IM and see what their schedule was like. I could deal with that. :)

I imagined it would take the rest of the day to get that coordinated so I didn't expect anything else. I checked my email once more around 4:30 and by that time the clinic's nurse had already sent an email with two possible sets of dates. One was a med-start on 8/17 and transfer 9/8. The other was 8/31 & 9/22. I chose the earlier one and sent in my option. Now we just had to see what IM chose. 

I fixed dinner for a friend and my family and missed a text from IM asking what my thoughts were. OOPS, since I'd already emailed them. She had some concerns about already made engagements that were set near the time of the first transfer date, but after chatting with her husband she decided that they could make the first date work. So she emailed the clinic back and chose the same dates as I did.

Now we wait. I'm thinking we'll have the officially dates/calender today or tomorrow. Meds should arrive late this week or early next and I know I'll have to go off birth control and go for my initial lining check before I start meds. That's a lot to do in less than two weeks!

I'm so excited. so yes, today was a good day.

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