Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Little Update on the Surrogacy-- 14 Days

If you follow my YouTube channel, I've posted a little more there, but I post in small segments. Little updates don't seem worth a blog post, so I've tried to save a bit up.

I started Lupron on August 10th--
I (pretty much) successfully did my first shot. I pulled the needle out a little crooked unitentionall and bled a bit, but not much. Since then, I've mastered the areas and the stick to where I don't feel the poke or bleed at all after. That's progress right?

I stopped Birth Control Pills on  August 16th-- A few days prior the clinic called me and told me to message them as soon as my period started, and to let them know if it hadn't started by the following Wednesday (the 20th). Wednesday came and no period. I was panicked. Would this throw off the cycle? Would we just transfer a day or two later? What? What? Tell me!

I spoke with a few other surrogates. Some of them had been told they'd be put on a Provera, which would start a period. They also had been told it would be a more "intense" one. Well that sounded just fabulous. Not.

So, I called the clinic, and to make a long story shorter, I found out that it was okay if I DIDN'T have a period. I'd been on active birth control for so long and had expericned several bouts of random spotting in those ten months, they figured there wasn't much of a lining to shed. PHEW. They told me to wait one more day and start the estrogen and decrease Lupron.

On August 21st-- I decreased the amount of Lupron by half, and started estrogen. One tablet a day. 1/2 in the morning, and 1/2 at night. I also started (self-prescribed) some additional vitamins.
  • Prenatal + Folic Acid
  • DHA
  • Potassium (just in case it's twins again, because H&H sapped me of my potassium last time)
  • Vitamin B Complex 
  • L'Arginine
  • Vitamin E
The last three I started because I am wanting to make sure my lining is as thick and cushy as possible. Estrogen helps to thicken the uterine lining, and I'm on half the estrogen I was last time.  I also have about 2 weeks to get the lining as thick as possible before starting progesterone. When we transferred the twins I was at a 14mm lining, which is nice and fluffy, the clinic I transferred with only required a 7. This time around I'm hoping for at LEAST a 10, more would be better.
If you want, you can check out my "Let's Chat Lupron" video on Youtube. I chat about the "side effect" I did/didn't get. 

That day, I also started my period. I stressed about it not coming, and was told it was okay if it didn't come. Then it came. Ironic, really.  It came, (TMI ALERT) but was really light and has just been on an off the past few days. I do wish it would hurry and finish though so my lining can grow! We're on limited time!

That brings us up to date.. to today, August 26th-- I am set to go for my lining check in SEVEN DAYS! I am sooooooo stressed that my lining will not be what it needs to be. If I have been informed correctly, once I start the progesterone injections (scheduled in 8 days), my lining will not grow any more. So I have seven days to create something awesome!

The ultrasound is set for 10am, which means my son and I are heading out around 8ish in the morning to make the drive. I think it'll be pretty basic, a quick vaginal ultrasound to check the lining, and they MAY do a blood check to check the levels of estrogen in my system.

And.... that's that. That's where we are. I've already went a bit nutty and looked up to see when the "due date" would be. May 28th. My first summer delivery. I've always had fall deliveries. I as 3 months and 4 months (ish) in May last time. And I've never been pregnant in November/December.

Funny fact before I go... At time of transfer you are 2 weeks and however old the embryos are. So I will be 2 weeks and 5 days pregnant on the 9th of September. That means that I'm about 5 days....pregnant? lol... right now.

Let the countdown begin.

14 Days. 


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