Tuesday, September 23, 2014

11-14 Days Past transfer

On Day 11, the day before my first schedule beta (a blood test to get the quant of hcg in your blood), I decided to take another test. A Digital. I was hoping to see a 2-3 on it, but wanted to know what range of numbers to suspect. If it said 1-2, the number would be ABOUT 25-200, 2-3 would be 200-2000, and finally, 3+ would be 2000+.

It came back 2-3
Some of my friends put their guesses in.  I guessed 400. Others guessed near me and some guessed in the high 1000s.

The next day, day 12, I drove two hours with my son, husband, and a friend, to go have blood work done, then spend the day in the city.

The results took a few hours, but soon my phone was ringing and the number was in.


I had to ask the nurse a second time what the number was because I couldn't quite believe it. On the same day, the twins' were 813.  At the moment, I became fairly sure there was more than one baby in there.

Day 13 I obsessed over other people's betas. Before you say anything, I know the number doesn't MEAN anything for certain. Some have multiples with low numbers, some have singles with high numbers. BUT I've seen that more often than not, the higher numbers are multiples.

Day 14 is today. I had my blood drawn not quite two hours ago, and I'm waiting for my phone to ring again. At last this time I was able to do it locally, and no drive almost 2 hours. For it to be a good, healthy pregnancy, the clinic wants the number to double in 48 hours, or at least nearly double. So we're oping for a number 2012 or more.

I'll edit this later, when I know what it is.

2nd Results came in a few hours later! 2623!!! Doubling time of 34 hours!

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