Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4-9 Days past transfer

I started testing way early (2dpt) and I will never ever do that again. It messes with your mind so much seeing negatives. Even though I KNEW it was too early, it still made me feel like everything failed.

I consider 4 days past transfer "my day".  In both the twins' pregnancy, and the blighted ocum before that, I got a positive at 4dpt. So, I was hopeful for day 4 this time. I woke up, peed, and recorded the wait. Three minutes seems like forever.

If you don't want to watch, you can just check out the end result:
The line is super faint, but it's there. Holy crap. I'm pregnant!

I took a digital that day too, and it came back "Not pregnant" I knew it was too soon, but I was hoping anyways, I wanted to send the parents a clearer positive result.
On Day 5, I poas (peed on a stick) again, and got this:
It was definitely darker than it was the day before, so I tried another digital.
That was pretty clear. Although I sent the test from the day before to IM, the IF couldn't see the line, so this time, I emailed the digi, specifically for IF. Then he believed it.

I contnued testing until Day 9. While some people thought I was crazy, IM and I both loved making sure the line was getting darker every day. It did.

By day 9, the test line was slightly darker than the control line and I was finally comfortable that it wasn't going to be another blighted ovum or a chemical.

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