Thursday, September 25, 2014

Surrogate Pregnancy; Week 5

These updates will get a little more wordy as the weeks tick by, for now, there is not much to report.  Today, baby is the size of an apple seed.

Which means I should definitely still be able to button up my pants, but.. I can't. At least not at night. Whether it's because I'm constantly starving, or I'm getting that early pregnancy "bloat" it's pretty much impossible to be comfortable in the evening if I have my pants buttoned.

The last few days I have had random bouts of nausea. I kept attributing it to something else, but as it happens at random times, in random places.... I blame the baby.

We had our second beta done 2 days ago, and our first-- two days before that. The first one confirmed all those pee-sticks were not screwy. We're definitely pregnant. The results came back at 1006. Anything over 100 is considered good. 2 days later we were hoping those numbers had doubled. They did. With a doubling time of around 34 hours, the next number came back at 2623.

At this point, I'm almost positive it's twins, with the possibility in my mind that one may have split. I told L (IM) the other day that if it was only one, I'd eat my shirt. It wouldn't be too hard... like I said... I'm starving all the time.

This week we also scheduled the viability ultrasound. We'll make sure we have a heart beat... or twelve. It's going to be a killer wait (14 more days I think), but at least we'll for sure see a little gummy-bear.  Right now we'd see... well.. this:
I didn't weigh my self pre-pregnancy, and I haven't started weighing myself or measuring my belly yet. I'll save those embarrassing details until when I have a bump to show.

For now, that's that. I'm jabbing myself in the upper butt/lower back for another month, swallowing 800 vitamins and just prayng everything sticks and works out like it's supposed to. 

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