Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3-Day Potty Training; Day 1


That has got to be the single best word to describe yesterday. We're on Day 2 now, but I wanted to be able to write a full day's worth of update, so you'll be a day behind real-time.  I have a rough time line of everything that happened that I'll go over.  Note that I did restrict fluid, as the book suggested, for three hours before bedtime the night prior as well as woke him up an hout earlier than normal-- also as suggested.

8:15am: Woke Cody up. He was dry! WOOHOO! Recommended a potty time to him and he declines. Adamantly. I didn't force it. You're not supposed to. It should be there idea all the time. We headed downstairs to start our day.

8:20am: Accident Number 1: Within minutes of being downstairs, he'd urinated. A ton. I didn't catch it, but noticed since the time I looked (only a minute or two before) he now looked a little.. damp-- as did my carpet. We went upstairs, talked about the yucky underwear while sitting on the toilet and we changed his underwear to a fresh set.

9:00am: Accident Number 2: I didn't catch it. Again. I checked him and 2 minutes alter he looked wet. We went upstairs, talked about how the underwear was yucky and reminded him to tell me. We sat on the potty, but he was empty. He wanted a treat, but he didn't get one as he didn't actually pee on the potty, at all. He was not happy.

9:02am: Asked to go pee. Actually went a little tiny bit, but it was progress, so he got a treat.

9:30am: Bath time. Mandatory pee before he got in.

10:30(ish): I've somehow not wrote anything down for the time frame from 9-12, but I do know he had Accident Number 3 and 1 potty request.

12-3:50pm: Nap time

3:50pm: Woke up from nap-- dry. Didn't want to sit on potty... KNEW what was coming...

3:53pm: Sat downstairs and started peeing-- Accident Number 4. He told me this time. We didn't make it up to the potty in time to catch anything. :S

4:47pm: Asked to go potty! Afraid for the upcoming poop I KNOW is coming.

5:05pm: Potty request with no result.

6:31pm: Fear realized. Accident Number 5 Poop time. In his underwear. He didn't tell us, just was quietly playing, but no pee....

7:30pm: Bath time. With a pee prior to and after the bath.

8:00pm: asked Dad to go pee again and he went :)

8:17pm: He usually only poops once per day. Not today. Another poop -- Accident Number 6.

8:35pm: Liquid confiscated for the remainder of the night

8:37pm: Asked dad to go pee. Peed and Pooped!... seriously though. THREE POOPS?!

9:30pm: Laid down for bed. Mandatory pee before going. Hey, he's sleeping with me...I don't want to take chances. 

9:55pm: Still awake. Asked to pee.

10:30-11ish: Falls asleep.

11:45-Midnightish: Woke him up, tried to have him potty. He was not having that. Took him back to bed. 

Day One Rundown:
Total Accidents: 6. Total INITIATED Pees: 8.

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