Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting Familiar with the Lingo- Surrogacy

I blog and vlog quite a bit about my surrogacy journey, and as I spend soooo much time online among other surros/parents, I forget that some people don't know all the Lingo... so here's a basic (not comprehensive) list of terms you should know!

2WW- This is common not only in the surro community but in the TTC (trying to conceive) community. 2 Week Wait. From the time of Ovulation until the day a typical woman would have her period. The wait of wondering if your pregnant or not. For surrogates, our two week wait is a little shorter and it usually refers to the 10-14 day wait after transfer until blood test to check pregnancy hormone levels. Most of us are impatient though and start taking pregnancy tests a few days after transfer. 

AF- Aunt Flow... the wicked witch.. your cycle... your period. If you're trying to get pregnant it's devastating to see her, and if you're trying to conceive you just want her over. Basically... she's never welcome! Totally one of the reasons I'm pregnant so often... then I can avoid her!

AI- Artificial Insemination

BBT- Basal Body Temperature (tracked sometimes while TTC to show signs of ovulation)

BCP- Birth Control Pills

BETA- Quantitative  Count of the HCG (Pregnancy Hormone) in your system, usually we also have our Estrogen and Progesterone levels checked)

BFP/BFN- Big Fat Positive/Negative in reference to pregnancy tests.

CD- Cycle Day (Day 1 of your period is cycle Day 1)

DE- Donor Egg; For example the twins were made with the fathers sperm and a donor egg as the mother didn't produce sufficient eggs. 

DPO- Days Past Ovulation; also used in the TTC community and not specifically surrogacy, also used more in Traditional Surrogacy situations rather than Gestational Surrogacy.
DPR- Days Past/Post Retrieval. When doing IVF the eggs are retrieved from the Mother or Egg Donor.

DP3DT/DP5DT- Days Past 3/5 Day Transfer. After and IVF procedure you'll see a surrogate say "I'm 4dp3dt" or similar. This means that 4 days ago she transferred a 3 day old embryo (not officially an embryo yet but you get my meaning...) 

E2- Estrodial. These levels are checked before and after transfer to make sure they are sufficient to support the pregnancy. The doctors will lower/raise your dose as they see fit.

ED- Egg Donor.

ER- Egg Retrieval

FET- Frozen Embryo Transfer NORMALLY, although I have seen people use it to indicate a Fresh Transfer as well. It's exactly what it sounds like, the embryos were either fresh (retrieved from the egg donor or mother 3-5 days ago, or they were retrieved, fertilized and frozen weeks to years before the transfer.

FIF/FIM/FIP- Former Intended Father/Mother/Parent(s); the twins' parents are now my FIPs. 

GC/GS- Gestational Carrier/Surrogate. Same thing. It's what I am!

HPT- another from the TTC community as well. Home Pregnancy Test.

IF/IM/IP- Intended Father/Mother/Parent(s)

IVF- In vitro Fertilization ; when an egg is combined with sperm outside of the womb, grown for 3-5 days and transferred back into a uterus.

LMP- Last Menstural Period

M/C- Miscarriage :(

PG- Pregnant

PIO- Progesterone in Oil, for MOST IVF protocols, you have to give yourself Intramuscular shots of Progesterone. OUCH!

PIP/PIM/PIF- Potential Intended Mother/Father/Parent(s); You're talking to them, but you're not commited yet!

RE- Reproductive Endocrinologist He/she is the one that actually knocks you up with IVF. 

Like I said, this isn't a full list, but now maybe some more of my words in these blogs will make sense! I'm sure I'll think of more and do a part two of this or something...

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