Thursday, July 17, 2014

3-Day Potty Training; Day 3

I can't believe I lived through it. Okay, maybe I can... but a part of me didn't think I would. You know how demanding a newborn is? It's like that.. only somehow... worse.  3 long days in which I ventured outside once. ONCE. That half hour was heaven. A silent....pee and poop-less heaven. 

I'm sure you're wondering how it went. So... I'll get to the run-down and then add my two cents in at the end. 

8:20am: Wake up. Dry!

8:25am: Mandatory  Pee before requested Bath,

10:25am: Accident Number 1. Poop. Bleh. But went pee on the potty after!

10:50am: Asked to pee.

11:15am: Accident... ish? Stain in his underwear? Successful pee though.

12:06pm: Asked to go pee.

12:25pm: Asked to go pee.

forgot to record/write down from 12:30-3pm, but there were no accidents, and one or two potty trips!

3:00pm: Mandatory Pee

3-6:00pm: Nap time

6:00pm: Pee after waking up DRY.

7:30ish: Another Pee!

8:45pm: Asked to pee again!


9:30pm: Another Pee!

10:58pm: Finally able to accept today was a success (for pee).  

Midnight: Finally went to bed, Mandatory Pee first.... and he was DRY ALL NIGHT!

Accidents: 1 Successful Pee Trips: 9

So, now that I've completed the 3-day regime, I can say that it was, for the most part, successful. We're still having trouble on going "guck" as Cody says or "poop".  I'm going to continue the plan for the most part these next few days to try to make sure everything sticks, and I'll update when a full week has passed. Overall.... in 3 days we accomplished more than we've been able to do every time we tried to potty train him with our own methods/ideas. 

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