Sunday, July 13, 2014

Potty Training in 3 Days?!

A subject I've not had much luck with. Be it our several moves in the past year, our lack of trying hard enough, or Cody's lack of want. It hasn't happened. He shows the signs... it just hasn't happened. So when I was on a facebook group of Mommies an saw them talking about a 3-Day Potty Training Regime. I was all ears eyes.

Now I find myself in the possession of the e-book by Lora Jensen called 3 Day Potty Training. You can check out the website here. I'm not being sponsored and I wasn't given the product to review. Just sharing my find. 
I've no idea if it will work, but I'm hopeful. Albeit, a bit skeptical. I'm starting "for real" tomorrow, with a bit of lead up today. He heard me mention potty and he has been asking to go for the last hour or so. He's peed AND pooped on the potty before but with no consistency or focus.
According to the program, I am going to throw the diapers away tomorrow. And it's "big boy underwear" from here on out. We have his potty cushion (that attaches to the toilet) upstairs. We'll be spending lots of time in his room playing (as it's close to the bathroom) and some time downstairs. He is fairly independent in that he plays by himself in the same room as us, but rarely out of the room or WITH us. SO, I have to stay near him to make sure I see the moment he starts to pee, and take him to the potty right away. 

Key Elements:
  • Lots of positive words
  • Lots of reminding him to tell me
  • No "bad boy" anythings, EVEN if he has an accident.
  • Lots of Fluid (during the day-- refraining from it night)
  • Treats! (for his successes)
The author says she prefers to avoid using the thicker training underwear, but I DO have some that I will be using, alternating with the regular underwear as we don't have many of those. Hoping it will still work. No diapers or pull ups though. Nothing to hold the wetness away from him. 

I'm scared on what part though. He's currently co-sleeping with us. (that's another blog post) and the "no diaper" rule applies to bedtime too. I'm thinking towels on his part of the end so we don't end up getting peed on?


Here goes! I plan to blog daily about his progress and I'm SO hoping this works. It's going to be a long two days, but if it works, it will be more than worth it. 

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