Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3-Day Potty Training; Day 2

First-- I never knew how insanely more disgusting poop is when you're cleaning out of a pair of briefs rather than throwing it the trash.

Second-- We ran out of underwear by noon, need I say more?

Third-- If any day made me consider never potty training Cody-- today (or yesterday--technically) is that day.  I was exhausted. I could barely speak in coherent sentences, and honestly... I was little tired of being near Cody... at all.

Let's review.

8:10am: Morning Wake Up. He's Dry!

8:15am: Bath time, mandatory pee first. He didn't want to until I turned on the water, and then he needed too.

8:42am: Accident Number 1; he ran into the kitchen with his legs spread and wet underwear.  (I  was getting him a  drink)

9:05am: Asked to go pee. Success!

9:45am: Accident Number 2. Poop. All over his butt and back. Had to clean poop off his underwear... SOO gross.

10:10am: Reminded him to tell me if he needed to go pee. Looked up and informed me he pee'd. Just a bit. Like he started, but stopped it. Accident Number 3? He also pooped in the toilet again.

10:20am: Asked to go potty

10:50am: Asked to go potty.

11:10am: I haven't even got out of my pajamas yet. So exhausted. Underwear change. A small poop stain on his underwear... it may be my fault from the not wiping him properly after the last potty. Hmmm. 

11:15am: Accident Number 4-- Stood up and told me he was peeing... we didn't make it to the potty in time.

11:48am: Accident Number 5. Another accident. No warning. So exhausted. I want to quit.

12:00pm: Accident Number 6. Officially worse than yesterday. Another pee, he peed on the carpet and then got up and told me he'd peed.  Starting to want to train him by sitting him on the potty every half hour.

12:14pm: Accident Number 7. Puddle on the floor. Stood up peeing. Out of underwear until they finish drying. Naked boy running around my house.

12:30pm: Break for me. Trip to the store by myself before I hurt the next innocent passerby.

12:45pm: Successful Potty Trip for Dad. YAY. Still pantless. Dad is worried about this.

1:00pm: Return for me, with more bribery. A car for his first day with no pee accidents, an 8 pack of oreos for his first day of NO accidents. And more juice. For when he doesn't WANT to pee, but needs too. Another successful potty trip with dad.

1:45pm:  Still pant-less. Is THAT the reason why he's stopped having accidents?

1:55pm: Mandatory pee before nap time.

2:00pm- 4:50pm: Nap time! woke up dry! Pee'd a TON.  Asked to have his underwear back on, so I let him, but I told him if he had another accident he'd go back to being naked.

5:00pm: Accident Number 8. Small-ish though. I think he stopped it again. Still... I'm tempted to take the underwear off, but I let him keep it on. Finished on the toilet.

6:00pm: Asked to go pee!

6:27pm: Asked again! Pant-less again. His choice.

7:27pm: Asked to go pee again. Went a lot. Everything made it. Wondering if the no-pants makes himt hink twice about peeing.

7:34pm: Asked ME, rather than dad (like the last several times) to go pee.

8:01pm: Accident Number 9. Medium-ish accident with pants off. Now I'm confused. Getting frustrated. Maybe he can just stay in diapers forever...

9:30pm: Mandatory night time pee. Bed time attempt.

11:50pm: Still fighting sleep (another blog post...)  started getting sleepy, but asked to go pee.  Emptied his bladder.

11:55pm: One more potty trip.  I think just to avoid sleeping, but he peed a bit and we went back and fell asleep.

Accidents: 9 Successful Potty Trips: 11

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